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ive been meaning to make work-related comics forever, so enjoy some choice movie title bastardizations.

(these all actually, seriously, happened, with no humor or awareness on the part of the customer at the time as far as I could tell. so, yes, someone actually asked for a ticket to “Detergent” with a straight face.)

This is literally everyday people at the theatre

Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan attend The Cinema Society & Gucci Guilty Host A Screening Of Marvel’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier - After Party. 

That’s five documented times that Chris Evans grabbed Sebastian Stan’s left (and one time right) boob.

@noel_fisher: Getting into Mickey mode. I’ve literally told every single person I’ve seen today to f$&k off for absolutely no reason.


[insp] The Winter Soldier is slowly remembering who he used to be, and who Steve was to him. But he doesn’t understand how the person he would have gone to hell for (and did) didn’t even go to the bottom of a mountain for him.

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Thanks Milo. Thanks a lot