I’m sorry did you save the doctor with cpr

Did you defeat a witch’s spell with a rhyming word from harry potter

Did you take care of the doctor in 1913 England when he didn’t even remember himself

Did you recognize the master before the doctor did

Did you save all of humanity’s ass from the master by spreading the story of the doctor?


Then why don’t you stop being a little bitch about Martha Jones being a useless unneeded character 




if u can’t imagine ur otp on a long road trip together with no set destination in mind with things happening like their car breaking down at one point or stopping at a store to argue over what snacks to buy and taking turns driving while the other rests and checking into a little inn or hotel on the way and pulling off to just chill and look at the sky together do u really ship it




seb being a little shit to us while signing autographs

  • Seb: In your floozy suit
  • Mackie: Yea cute suit Chris
  • Seb: Yeah cute suit
  • Mackie: Super cute suit
  • Seb: You're super cute
  • Mackie: Like hella cute
  • Seb: Dick up your ass cute
  • Mackie: aND WE DON'T LIKE IT

one of ten relationships:Simon and Kieren(in the flesh)

 It’s who you are, Kieren. And running away won’t change that.”

Anonymous: If simon cared so much about kieran why didn't he intervene when Gary was shoving a tied up kieran into a truck?


Honestly? Because Simon was being a coward.

As shitty as the situation is in Roarton with the PDS sufferers, as shitty a human being as Gary is, Kieren is alive. As Gary tied him up, he’s probably not looking to kill Kieren and there’s no way Simon knew that Kieren or Gary had obtained any blue oblivion. It looks like Kieren is being arrested (or something) forcibly… but remember what Simon is there for.

Simon is there to kill Kieren.

You have to remember that Simon was ordered to kill Kieren by the guy/organization which saved him. The ULA gave him a home when he had nowhere to go. They showed him love when no one else would. They took care of him and they gave him a place in the world, and they taught him to believe things would get better (when he’d spent his entire first life thinking the only better was for it to end).

Then he finds this beautiful soul, this kind, gentle, no-nonsense guy and he trips over himself to get closer, and Kieren lets him in despite the horrible things Kieren has been through. Kieren demands to be separated from this wonderful thing Simon is a part of, and Simon attempts to convince him otherwise but when Kieren doesn’t budge, he separates Kieren and the ULA.

The problem is that when he tells the ULA (the prophet) about Kieren, thinking that Kieren is special, thinking that Kieren will finally accept the ULA once he finds out how special he is and how much he will be able to do to save people (kieren likes saving people, after all)… only to have the prophet order him to kill Kieren.

This order literally sends Simon into an emotional tailspin, an anxiety attack that takes him back to all the awful things he experienced before the ULA. He forces himself to remember all that the ULA saved him from, all that he OWES the ULA. He eventually resolves that he must put the needs of all these other people before his own, and returns to Roarton.

But the thing is… he gets there, he goes to Kieren’s house… and he sees Gary going in, and returning dragging Kieren. Gary may be roughing Kieren up, may have bound him and may be carting him off, but Kieren is safer with Gary than with Simon in that moment.

Because Simon? Simon thinks he has to kill Kieren if he can get close enough. He has to. He owes too much.

But if Gary has Kieren, and Simon can’t get to Kieren in time… well, oops! Too bad. Sorry, I couldn’t kill Kieren because I was unable to get to him. Sorry I went to kill Kieren and he wasn’t home.

As long as Gary has Kieren, Simon can plausibly excuse himself for not killing Kieren. If the First must be killed at a specific time, all Simon has to do is accidentally keep Kieren alive until after that. The ULA might turn their backs on him if he outright refused to follow the order, but if he “did his best” and failed, well, then maybe they won’t. Simon, at this point, still thinks he can keep both Kieren and the ULA, somehow.

The important thing is that when Simon was forced to choose one or the other… he chose Kieren.



Pick up each other’s habits

i hate you go to hell


of course you can trust me for really good relationship advice, do you know how many YA romance novels i’ve read